Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the venture begins!


I will be spending her birthday on a plane... for the whole day.

It is out last day in Cape Town today. We flew in from Zanzibar last night and leave again this evening for Dakar, NY, then BOSTON arriving on the 7th.

We have met some verrry nice people along the way. Mostly locals who have really helped up out. For example, after our plane landed in Dar es Salaam and we missed the last ferry, we met a piolet who fley us to Zanzibar-- and then back-- with no ticket! Another time in Jo'burg, the Nando's (local chain rest.) drove us in his delivery car to the movie theater... and walked us inside because it was vert dangerous after dark.

So yes, I'm going to miss Africa and the people I've met a lot. Although at time it was very dangerous, we managed to pull out of life or death situations alive :o)

I'm uploading a few pics from our post trip on the pic site, so check them out!!

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