Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A few highlights

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Zanzibar, Tanzania :o)

And the venture begins!


I will be spending her birthday on a plane... for the whole day.

It is out last day in Cape Town today. We flew in from Zanzibar last night and leave again this evening for Dakar, NY, then BOSTON arriving on the 7th.

We have met some verrry nice people along the way. Mostly locals who have really helped up out. For example, after our plane landed in Dar es Salaam and we missed the last ferry, we met a piolet who fley us to Zanzibar-- and then back-- with no ticket! Another time in Jo'burg, the Nando's (local chain rest.) drove us in his delivery car to the movie theater... and walked us inside because it was vert dangerous after dark.

So yes, I'm going to miss Africa and the people I've met a lot. Although at time it was very dangerous, we managed to pull out of life or death situations alive :o)

I'm uploading a few pics from our post trip on the pic site, so check them out!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Going out with a bang

Last night and tonight we have been at the Ocean Paradise Resort on the eastern side of Zanzibar. We decided to treat ourselves for our last 2 nights traveling in Africa... and a treat it is :o) We deserve it after the townships, hostels, and many near death experiences.

The beaches are awesome and they have the biggest swimming pool on the island. When we checked into our room yesterday, we had flowers all over our bed and a huge wrap around deck.
Tomorrow we fly back to Dar, then fly to Jo'berg, then to Cape Town. I'm probably going to upload some pictures tomorrow when I get to Cape Town.

Well, I'm alive and finally found some nice weather to lay on the beach.
I'll be back in Boston Aug 7th, so start planning my return party.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

northern tip of zanzibar

Hellofrom Nungwi! We are at the very norhtern tip of Zanzibar. We spent last night andare staying tonight then we are going to the eastern side to spend 2 nights. We spent all day today on the beach :o) The water is turquoise and white sand.

The other 4 members joined us today. They have been a day behind us because of flights. They got off the plane in Dar es Salaam and none of their credit cards works and they just had enough money to pay for the visa. After the visa, the ended up getting on a flight to Zanzibar (promising they would pay for the ticket price later). They spent the night in stone town town and then came to meet up with us around lunch time today.

OK, just a quick update... more later