Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video clip I've been working on

Hey! I've been REALLY busy and haven't had time to even sit down in the past few days. Here is a video I was working on the other day about what we have done so far...

Yesterday we presented our final presentations to Esperanza. We were measuring the impact of the work they have been doing thus far. We were also observing the dispersments of our new "Bank of Hope" loans. Our total group was about 40 people including the INTEC students and then we split up in 3 smaller groups, but making a project with 14 others was not easy. The most difficult part (by far!) was working with such a huge # of people for this project. We stayed up until about 4am the morning of the presenation and slept until 6:30 that morning then went out to the field with the Dean of the College of Business. He is here to observe what we are doing for a few days. We went to an HIV/AIDS support group, a borrower meeting, then to visit the school we are going to undertake as our service project on Monday and Tuesday. Visiting the school was AWESOME! All the students (preschool-4th grade) had a song prepared for us. We walked around and played with them for a bit and then talked to the Esperanza borrower who started the school. She was so honored that were were going to redo the school as out project she started to cry. She said it was her dream that something like this would happen.

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