Sunday, June 22, 2008

Almost time!

Welcome! 5 more days until we depart from Boston to New York to Dakar, Senegal to Cape Town, South Africa arriving there on July 28.

Incase you don't know about the trip.... "The program consists of both field work, and academic study. The field work consists of team consulting projects, in which you will work with students from our partner institution, to support entrepreneurs in the disadvantaged townships surrounding Cape Town. The academic components consists of two courses that prepare you for, and build upon, your field work." NU is giving us a little over $15,000 to invest in these businesses and leave with our partner school in Cape Town. (info on the school go to

We were assigned our projects we will be working on while we are there. Myself, some of the TSiBA students (the school we're working with), and another girl from NU are going to be working on starting/organizing/funding the iKapa Dance School. I don't know much about this besides the fact that they are trying to start a ballet school, the first one you would find in a township, and they are looking for us to help them with everything from a writing a formal business plan to helping with their investor presentation. There is an article about it at this website-

While I'm there, I'll be updating this blog, uploading pictures, and have access to my email (


Katie said...

Broken Link to Article:

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and be Safe!!!

Mom said...

What a great trip you're going to have! Don't forget to post the picture of you with the great whites when you do the caged shark dive!
Stay safe and wash your hands and drink bottled water!!
Love MOM

Pam Jerdee said...

Keep the stories of you trip coming! Very interesting and sound like an incredible place to see.
Love MOM