Saturday, June 28, 2008

Half way there

We flew from Boston to NY this morning, and then had mass chaos before the flight to Dakar then on to Cape Town. They had over booked the flights by about 50 people. One of the girls in our group didn’t get on, and now has to spend an extra night in NY. This boy from my group and I were assigned the same seat and when we went to fix it, they upgraded me to first class.. row 1! :o) He ended up sitting up there from NY to Dakar and I am sitting there from Dakar to Cape Town. Free drinks the whole time and reclining chairs. Awesome.

Right now I’m sitting in Dakar on the plane as we stop and get gas as well as pick up some other people. It’s another 8 hour 20 min flight from here. I watched Fool’s Gold so far and then took some sleeping pills and passed out the rest of the way to Dakar.

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