Saturday, June 28, 2008

We made it!

The 9 hr portion of the flight goes by much faster when you can lay down flat and get champagne constantly served to you!

We got to our hotel and its very nice. Its too bark outside to really see around, but it seems pretty centrally located. It’s called the Townhouse Hotel if you feel like googling it. Some of the TSiBA students were at the airport to meet us when we arrived. They were all VERY nice and seemed excited to work with us.

I sat next to a girl on the plane who grew up in Cape Town and now works in NYC and her BF lives in Cambridge. She told me about all the things I have to do in while I’m here and pointed out some things while we were landing. Landing in Cape Town was BEAUTIFUL. We could see Table Mnt and the ocean. The girl explained to me how Cape Town is either very wealthy or very poor… there isn’t really an in between. The airport was right in between the wall where the poverty starts the well-off Cape Town. The poor section was basically just shacks made out of aluminum. It was nothing like I have ever seen before. The few hours we were in Dakar (we stayed on the plane the whole time) next to the airport and around the city from what I could see through my window was quite a sight. It was all cement homes without glass windows.
Right now its about 9pm here in Cape Town and I’m about to go venture out to find dinner. I’m going to attempt to upload a few pics, so we’ll see if that work. Tomorrow we have planned to go on a walking tour with some TSiBA students around the township that we will mainly be working in. My roommate, Emma, and I are going to try to attempt to fix the internet in our room. Right now we cant get it working and we have to run down to the lobby to send emails.

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