Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just another Tuesday

No big update today. Cold and rainy again. I still love Cape Town though :o)

I have pretty much spent my week so far at TSiBA working on my project and having a class in the morning. My project now has changed to putting together a ‘documentary’ type video of the program that will eventually lead to gaining support from donors for this program. It is actually pretty cool and will probably require a lot of follow up work when I get back home.

Today we heard about Banco Comportamos which is a bank that operates in Mexico and gives loans to the very poor people that can’t get loans from any other bank. Banco gives them HUGE interest rates (about 100%), so we had a discussion about those and if they are ethically correct to do that. We also talked about Freeplay Energy that created the wind-up radios to give people in very poverty communities and also (to make a profit) sell to campers, rescue people, emergency crew.

This week we have no big plans besides working on our projects. This weekend we have plans to go work in an orphanage right outside of Cape Town.

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Mom said...

When is it going to stop raining in Cape Town?
What about the beautiful beaches, have you been to one yet?
Coach Freeman says HELLO! He wants you for an alumni game in the Fall.
Have fun and be Safe!!