Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Update

Today we had another interesting day. The beginning of our lecture was focused around my professors business’s he started. One of them had to do with vaccines and eggs. Long story short, many vaccines are made through eggs. One vaccine factors got their eggs from the Amish (about 6 million eggs per day). They cultivate the vaccines through eggs and then put them all together in larger quantinties. 1 out of ever 3 vile had to be thrown away because of using bad eggs. What he did was create a sterile environment for the eggs that now eliminated this waste. These eggs were more expensive, but totally eliminated the money they wasted on unusable vaccines. There are factories open in us, china, etc.

We talked about LifeStraw (which is really cool! and Kickstart. They are both social entrepreneur ventures and we discussed the different business models they use.
To work on our projects, we went back into the township to meet and talk to the attorney. We got some good information and are going to work on putting it together tomorrow. I am cutting this off because we are going out for a group dinner at a traditional African restaurant then I’m coming back to work on a presentation I’m giving tomorrow on Institute for OneWorld Health. I’ll explain more tomorrow.

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