Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wine Tour!

We went on a wine tour today to 3 different wine tastings at 3 different vineyards. The wine was unbelievable and I now have 6 bottles to somehow bring home. The scenery and the different vineyards were so beautiful and we even met some local students who were just there to enjoy the nice day (and load up on wine).

Tomorrow is SHARK DIVING! I’m so excited! We have to wake up and get on the bus to leave at 515 am. We also booked our smaller flights for our travel after when we got back to the hotel. We are going from Cape Town to Durban for three days where we are going to stay in an orphanage. We are them catching a flight to Jo’burg South Africa to then catch a flight to Zambia (Victoria Falls). From there (spending a day or 2) we are flying back to jo’berg to get on a flight to Dar Es Salaam then boating over to Zanzibar. After a few days there, we are going to go back to Dar and spend some time there. Seems very confusing, but I think we have it down pat! 3 more people joined our group of traveling afterwards as well.

OK, check my pictures for the latest and hopefully I’ll make it back alive tomorrow to update more :o)

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