Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mon & Tues

Yesterday we had a heated class discussion then headed to the Guguletu township to have lunch at Mzoli’s Meat…. Which is an up-and-coming restaurant located in the township. The food was all meat, and the sauce was really good. They didn’t have napkins… instead they had a giant communal pot of water to wash your hands (there was also no silverwear)!
Of my time I have spent in South Africa so far, it is safe to say that I have eaten more meat than I have eaten in the last 4 years of my life. I have also eaten more puff pastry/break than I have ever eaten. EVERY meal consists of meat and bread somehow. I have never seen so many creative ways to combine the two?! I am in desperate need of a salad.

Anyway, today we had another interactive class, then we headed over to District 6 to drive through and go to the museum. District 6 (where our bus driver we have had since we’ve been here originally comes from) is a mainly Muslin/colored area where in the 70’s, the residents got completely displaced to colored townships outside of the city. Their whole community was torn down and now just vacant fields are in their spot. There are still traces of where roads used to be. It was really sad to hear about. It kind of reminded me of the holocaust minus all the lives lost. The whites that kicked them out did nothing with the space… not even plant any trees. Its just long grass and weeds that grow there now. We went to the District 6 museum that was really interesting to hear about. District 6 happened to be next to Bo-Kaap which is an area of Cape Town that is also very Muslim that is known for the brightly colored houses. If you have seen pictures of Cape Town, you have probably seen pictures of Bo-Kaap.

We visited Streetwires which is a South African art company that focuses of using wire and beads. It’s hard to explain, but go to my site to see pictures. There were dozens of people using pliers and beading in the basement. The arts that they made were awesome!

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