Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shark diving!!!

Good, Better, and horrible news:
Good: I’m alive
Better: I got some great pics
Horrible: My camera broke

We went great white shark diving today! We left the hotel at 530 and took a 2 hour bus ride where we had breakfast then walked to the boat. We went out about 20 minutes and then got into our wetsuits. 3 others and myself volunteered to go first… I was so excited!! I got to bring my underwater camera into the cage with us and got some great pics. That was before a door on my camera came open and it got very wet. I’m now taking donations for a new camera. I really don’t want to be camera-less on my ventures to Zambia, Tanzania, and Zanzibar, but my other friends will have their cameras ass well.
Although the situation with the camera is really horrible, being able to be so close to sharks (great whites!) was amazing!!! As always, be sure to check out my pictures. Until I get enough donations for a new one, there is going to be the last pic update for a while!!

Danielle, Tim, and Nils

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